UFO Aluminum PCB


UFO Aluminum PCB

Product No.:20238817532

Aluminum model:1060 or 5052

Thermal Conductivity:1w-8w

Resistance welding color:High reflection ink, white, black, green

Suring technology:OSP, Tin spray, immersion gold

Forming method:CNC, stamping, V-CUT forming

Universal LED:Full range of lamp beads

  • Details
Board thickness: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 (MM),customized
Copper foil: 18UM 25UM 35UM

Surface Technology-Exposure process and OSP anti-oxidation

Typographic-The fonts printed on the surface are clear, making it easier for users to understand the functions of the product

Fully automatic computer CNC-The edge is cut neatly, not easy to have burrs, and the workmanship is good

Support customization-Can be customized according to customer requirements

Aluminum substrate characteristics
The aluminum substrate of the circuit board is a low-alloy high-plastic alloy plate. This material has good thermal conductivity, insulation and machinability. It is used in the working circuit and has a good effect on the heat dissipation of electrical appliances.
When using electrical products, it can effectively reduce the temperature when the electrical appliances are running, so as to effectively improve the working efficiency of the electrical appliances, and to a certain extent, the life of the electrical appliances can be longer.
Compared with the aluminum substrate and the ceramic substrate, the hardness is relatively large, and it is not easy to break, which makes the machine durable, and has a small density and a small volume, so it occupies a small position in the product.

Properties of Aluminum Substrate
Stability: The stability of the aluminum substrate is relatively good. The main reason is that the size change of the aluminum substrate is generally small, which is more stable than the printed circuit board made of insulating materials in the market.
Insulation: The aluminum substrate has very good insulation properties, and its hardness is high, which can replace the easily broken ceramic plate, thereby effectively reducing the real area required by the printed board, improving the heat dissipation of the product and improving the efficiency of the product ,Reduce the cost
Thermal expansion: improve the heat dissipation function of the product, relieve the thermal expansion and contraction of the vitality of the printed board, and also improve the reliability of the product and make the product more durable.

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